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Never Enough White Roses

Never Enough White Roses is an episodic film that tells a meaningful story about the millennials’ love, hope, fears and traumas. Thematically this film  examines the parent-child relationships, resonating the current discourse. What do we want to express, when we want to have a child? Why do we choose or why don’t choose parenthood? The topic is most actual and universal in our modern society in the western world.

The present events happen on the last warm day of the summer. The husband has gone to buy more white roses and the wife is getting ready for the evening. Everything seems to be in place for the guests to arrive in this measured, stylish home; wines are cooling and the table is set.  The air is filled with expectation. This supper party will bring a change.  But the change will be the kind that no-one is expecting. The narration draws in the viewer via flashbacks of the guests pasts as being someones child - loved or rejected showing scenes that vary from a beautiful summer idyll to a chilling autumnal hell. The most cherished feelings and ideas of parenthood are destroyed and the traumas and fears are exposed. And ambiances vary from hope to despair and from tender bliss to searing pain. The narration is elegant, measured and visually rich. The theme music supporting the ambiances and the characters’ emotions. After this evening nothing will be the same again.

Director Miika Soini, award winning director and scriptwriter, has shown, in his previous work, his exceptional skills in directing actors to express their vulnerability, inner feelings and passion.

Cinematographer Timo Salminen is worldwide known for his co-operation with Aki Kaurismäki. He is a super talent in visualising moods and atmosphere. The man to create  a visual masterpiece.

A strong and talented cast is committed and developing this film. The leading lady will be played by Sara Soulié, known from her beautiful performance in the Guardian Angel with Pilou Asbaek. Great talents such as Leo Honkonen, Tommi Korpela and Sari Havas have joined the team. 

And as a coproduction partner, we have the unique Roy Andersson Filmproduktion. That talent will definitely have an impact on this film.

This project started in 2017 with the scriptwriting support from Finnish Film Foundation and it was followed with development funding from the same source. Scanbox has given a letter for Scandinavian theatrical distribution. At Berlinale Matchfactory has expressed its interest for worldwide distribution. The budget is reasonable and the talented crew and cast are committed and available. All the elements are in place for financiers and sales agents. We are now looking for financiers, distributors and a sales agent that would help us further to realise this film. This film will be THE arthouse film for the bigger audiences in 2021.


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