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Welcome to Butterworks

Butterworks is an independent, quality film production house since 2010. We have produced feature films, documentary films and  commercial films for both national and international audiences. Our passion is to produce beautiful and meaningful stories into timeless and original films for worldwide audiences.

Pitching in Stockholm November 2019

In Development

Never Enough White Roses

(working title) 

is an episodic film about longing for love, dreams, traumas and the last party at the close of the summer after which nothing will be the same.

Based on the novel "Vieraat" by Helmi Kekkonen

Director, Scriptwriter - Miika Soini

Producer - Tiina Butter

Cinematographer - Timo Salminen

Composer - Lasse Enersen

In development
Never Enough White Roses



Tiina Butter



(MA, film producer) 

founding partner in Butterworks


Never Enough White Roses (2019 in development)


Theo’s House (2014), documentaries & commercials 

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